Trivia Challenge

Our First Ever If My Dog Could Cook Community Trivia Challenge

If My Dog Could Cook Community Friends, We thought that we’d change things up a bit with our first ever trivia challenge – Let’s have some fun this week and see how many of these six questions you can get right – The answers are below - share these on Facebook with your friends.

1. Most adult dogs have how many teeth?
A) 24
B) 38
C) 42
D) 32
E) 54
2. We know that dogs sweat but through what part of the body?
A) Paws
B) Mouth
C) Nose
D) Ears
E) All of the Above

3. True or False:  Dogs have excellent eyesight but can they can only see in black and white

4. True or False:  All Dalmatians are born with spots.

5. According to the AKC, which dog  has been the most popular breed since 1991?
A) German Shepherd
B) Bulldog
C) Labrador Retriever
D)  Golden Retriever
E)  French Bulldog
F) Siberian Huskies    
G Dachshunds
6. How long are the longest dog’s ears? 
A) 3 inches
B) 5-1/2 Inches
C) 12-3/4 Inches
D) 13-1/2 inches
E) 48 Inches
7. What’s the best place to find cool items and gifts for dog lovers?  (Hint below)
A) Amazon
B) Macy's
C) Target
D) At the If My Dog Could Cook Community store?
How many answers did you get right?  Give us a shout out on Facebook.
In case you are looking for a recipe this week, here is a link to one of our most popular favorites for Doggie Beef Stew

If My Dog Could Cook Dog Tested – Dog Approved!

Trivia Answers 1. C) 42, 2. D) Paws. 3. False. Dogs can see in color. 4. False. Dalmatian puppies are born white; their spots come in later. 5.  C) Labrador Retriever 6. Both C and D are correct Tigger, a Bloodhound from St. Joseph, Illinois, holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for longest ears. Tigger's right ear measures 12.75 inches, and his left measures 13.5 inches.

FDA Recall and 33 Recipes

Recently, unhealthy dog food has been in the news again. A massive recall of dog food due to excess vitamin D levels was making dogs across the nation very sick. Click here to see the FDA recall.
Of course members of the If My Dog Could Cook Community know that there is a better way of preparing food for their beloved pets. We have been researching and sharing recipes for some time now and have come across this interesting article containing 33 recipes that claim to be veterinarian approved. What is important to note is that home-made dog food requires certain nutrients to be healthy- they are all spelled out here - everything from nutritious treats to savory slow cooked meals – click here to read the entire article.
Try out some of these recipes and let us know how your dog enjoys them.
Have you been checking out the new and improved We are always adding new stories and recipes in addition to the opportunity to shop in our Community store where you can buy gifts for yourself and your dog loving friends. 
As always, we truly appreciate your support – please share If My Dog Could Cook with your friends so that we can help grow our dog lover community.
After all we know that If My Dog Could Cook the first ingredient would always be love!
How about yours?


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Dog Tested – Dog Approved!

Are Bones Harmful to your Dog?

Dogs have been eating bones since the beginning of time – however, does that mean that they are healthy or safe for your dog to eat?

Many dog owners know not to toss a turkey or chicken bone to their dog; those bones are just too brittle. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says the risk goes beyond that, especially when it comes to the “bone treats” you may see at the store.  Don’t do it.  Many products may be dried through a smoking process or by baking, and may contain other ingredients such as preservatives, seasonings, and smoke flavorings. Some dogs have experienced bad symptoms like these listed below:

  • Gastrointestinal obstruction (blockage in the digestive tract)
  • Choking
  • Cuts and wounds in the mouth or on the tonsils
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Bleeding from the rectum, and/or
  • Death. Approximately fifteen dogs reportedly died after eating a bone treat.

  • Read more here

    We want the best for our dogs. Don’t’ take chances with your dog’s health. Follow If My Dog Could Cook online and find recipes that you can make and you will see improvements and avoid the risks of processed products. Back to the bones – You can use fresh large beef bones from the butcher shop -  Get big chunks of beef or bison femur or hip bones filled with marrow – While they don’t supply much  nutrition for your dog (they are only to be gnawed on), they do provide recreation and mental stimulation and can be great for your dog’s oral health. Be safe, don’t leave your dog alone with bones or other treats – choking is a real risk hazard and can be avoided if your pup is with you. Please like and share this with your dog community.