10 Dog Friendly Restaurants Your Dog Will Enjoy

Imagine this scenario – you are out running around with your family and you have your dog with you and your youngest son says: “mommy I’m hungry what’s for lunch? I can’t wait until I get home”.  Of course you have your dog with you – you never leave home without her.  So where do you go? Can you bring her into a restaurant? Thinking that if my dog could cook, where would she want to go? Well we had that exact situation and did some research that we’d like to share with you.  There are a number of national and regional restaurant chains that have pet-friendly policies. Unless you have a service dog, always check with the manager or staff before parading in with your dog. If they say no, don’t take it personally, as some locations may be individually owned or have location-specific health code policies that prohibit pets.

1. Dairy Queen

Although you won’t be allowed to bring your dog into any Dairy Queen location, many of the stores allow pets to hang out with their owners in the outside seating areas. We’ve heard that many locations offer free ice cream for dogs!

2. Sonic

It’s a drive in so dogs of course dogs are welcome as long as they stay in your car. Some Sonic locations have dog sitting areas where you can hang out while you eat.

3. Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

With locations in CA, CO, TX and NV, this is a great place to eat Dogs love Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar as the feature a patio, and serves up a number of dog-safe foods, like chicken breasts and brown rice.

4.  Shake Shack

Shake Shack is one of the most dog-friendly chains in operation. They not only welcome dogs on the patio, but every U.S. location offers a dog-friendly menu too.

5. Starbucks

You may think of Starbucks as more for coffee but they actually sell good food too.  While small contained dogs are permitted, if you are a coffee nut that sits there for hours, they may ask you to move. We’ve even seen some Starbucks provide water for their guest’s pets.

6. Outback Steakhouse

Some Outback Steakhouses will let you bring your pet inside if they are contained and well behaved. Many of their newer locations have outdoor dining which will make this even easier.

7. Olive Garden

We love Olive Garden and have even seen others bring their dogs in – We recommend calling ahead to call and ask if your pooch is welcome. Some Olive Gardens have patios with outdoor dining and have begun allowing well behaved dogs to hang out.

8. Applebee’s

Check out your local Applebee’s. Like the other chain restaurants, locations with patios allow dogs to hang out with their owners. My dog just loves their sliders. 

9. Panera Bread

Healthy choices – Soups and Salads – Panera Bread may be just what you need – We’ve seen well behaved, contained dogs inside – most locations with a patio welcome dogs but check with the manager.

10. Joe’s Crab Shack

While my family isn’t wild about seafood, yours might be. Many Joe’s Crab Shack locations allow dogs to dine with their families on the patio.

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