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Your dog is a member of your family so why not treat them as if they are?  We love our pets and care about their health –  So we decided to research ​available recipes, foods, and their benefits and share them with other Dog Lovers.


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Mexican – Pup-quitos
​Easy to Make Mexican Food Recipe for Your Dog! We always noticed that Suzy watched us when we were eating Mexican[...]


for your little one

Easy Turkey & Veggie Dog Food Recipe
If My Dog Could Cook   Valentine's Day Turkey & Veggie Dog Food RecipeLet’s face it dogs love turkey, so[...]

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Trivia Challenge
​Our First Ever If My Dog Could Cook Community Trivia ChallengeIf My Dog Could Cook Community Friends, We thought that[...]

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Have you ever wondered what makes your dog tick? Over thousands of years of evolution dogs switched from hunters to our most loyal companions. Our relationships are complex but dogs depend on their owners for shelter and nourishment - in return they provide protection and unconditional love. We here at If My Dog Could Cook believe that the world is a better place because of dogs and that we can help you make a stronger bond with your dog. Please share our site if you agree!

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We love dogs our dogs, your dogs – All dogs!  

We love dogs our dogs, your dogs – All dogs!  

We love going for long walks with our dog  and we noticed as our Buddy aged, he wasn’t as energetic as usual. He was four and for sure the usual “dog years” cliché came to mind.  We thought that other dogs may have some of the same symptoms and when we tried some of the wisdom, recipes and down-to-earth advice shared by If My Dog Could Cook – Buddy actually became more playful and wanted to walk further and further – we almost couldn’t keep up with him.  

This stuff works – just ask Buddy – or after trying out our ideas, ask your dog as your dog matters to us too.

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