5 Tips to Add Years to Your Dog’s Life

As a member of the If My Dog Could Cook community here is the latest information to keep your dog happy and healthy.

We love our dogs and know that you do too.  Wouldn’t you like to prolong your dog’s life and ensure that he or she stays healthy and active?  You’ve heard us know the value of feeding your dog the best food possible, after all, what would your dog cook if they could?  Surely only the finest will do.

Below are five tips that will help keep your dog happy and healthy for years to come.

1. Feed your dog a high quality diet.

Dogs that are fed a high quality diet have a shiny hair coat, healthy skin, and bright eyes. A good diet can help strengthen your pet’s immune system, maintain his or her intestinal health, increase mental state, keep joints and muscles healthy, and generally allow your dog to feel better and be more active. 

2. Watch the weight!

Yes – we know you have a few extra pounds and your dog probably does too – Dogs that are overweight are at risk for a myriad of health issues. Obesity is the number one nutritional disease in dogs and studies have shown that being overweight or obese can shorten a dog’s life span by as much as two years. Why? Being overweight or obese puts your pet at risk for joint disease, heart disease and diabetes, - just like humans!  So limit food consumption and get your dog outside and play – you will both have more fun.

3. Take your dog to the veterinarian regularly.

Dogs know when they are going to the vet and usually protest - However, regular veterinary care is important. A routine examination by your veterinarian can uncover health issues that you may not detect. In many cases, an early diagnosis improves the chances of successful treatment and can cost less than when the illness becomes more severe.

 4. Keep your dog smiling!

 A common problem among dogs is dental disease. Oral health issues can cause your pet pain, making it difficult them to eat. If left untreated, oral health issues may even lead to heart and kidney disease. In addition to regular dental checkups, the most effective means of caring for your pet’s mouth at home is to brush his or her teeth (yes you can do it but don’t use regular toothpaste – just plain warm water). If your pet doesn’t like toothbrushes there are other alternatives as well, including dental diets, treats, and toys. Ask your veterinarian for some recommendations.

5. Do not allow your pet outside unsupervised.

We see this too often in our neighborhood – a dog walking alone on the side of the road – no harm – -- Wrong! Allowing your dog to roam free may seem like you’re doing your pet a favor. However, pets that roam are susceptible to a number of dangers, including automobile accidents, predators like hawks, coyotes, evil people, contagious diseases, exposure to poisons, and more. Allowing your dog to roam unsupervised may anger your neighbors if your dog trespasses and relieves “themselves on their lawn or digs up their garden.

This story was adapted from a post by Lorie Huston, DVM

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